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Renegades Write The Rules

Renegades Write The Rules

Debut writer Amy Jo Martin has turned the social media landscape upside down with her creative approach.


This is the first product review I’m writing ever since I’ve been doing record reviews for Amazon Germany way back in 2004, so please bear with me.

Who is this girl?

Amy Jo Martin is a 33-year-old American, who was born in the middle of nowhere (Green River, Wyoming to be precise), but has since went on to take social media by storm due to her groundbreaking approach and creative ideas. Today she is a celebrated author, popular speaker, successful entrepreneur and the founder of Digital Royalty, an online marketing agency that has been the first of it’s kind and that has worked with some of the biggest brands and sports stars in the U.S., including Shaquille O’Neal, “The Rock”, Nike and FOX Sports.

 The book

“Renegades” portrays Amy’s work history, starting as the director of digital media for the Phoenix Suns (which, by pure chance, also happens to be my favorite hoops club ever since the glory days of Charles Barkley and Kevin Johnson), going  independent, working for various big-name clients and companies until this very day where she is involved in a big $350 million downtown reconstruction project in Las Vegas.

As a longtime follower of her work (and Twitter account), I was already familiar with most of the anecdotes in the book like Shaq’s retirement on Twitter, The Rock’s social media stunts or her work with the Ultimate Fighting Championship and it’s extrovert president Dana White. She does a magnificent job of transporting some of the things she learned, embedded in various real-life situations that actually took place.

Everything Amy writes in the book is very insightful and while of course she cannot afford to give away all of her magic tricks, she does not hold back when outlining some of the major traps and tripping hazards PR managers face in the social media era. I particularly liked the chapter on Tiger Woods, who according to Mrs. Martin, is leaving hundreds of millions of dollars on the table every year due to an inadequate or misguided social media policy.

Who should read?

“Renegades Write The Rules” is first and foremost a handbook for everyone who is serious about doing social media on a corporate or professional level. If you’re not taking the few hours to read the book, you’re missing out on many inspiring tips from one of the best in the business. It is also of interest for sports fans who care about the business part of the hardwood floor, the Octagon and the putting green.

I’m positive the book will be a solid success when it hits shelves later today. I’m also very much looking forward to the followup, which should come out as soon as Amy Jo has enough new anecdotes to tell or when she feels she has taken her game to yet another level. On that note, I will leave you with a line from Eminem who had to say the following on the topic: “Never been afraid to say what’s on my mind at any given time of day, ’cause I’m a renegade!”

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