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Brave International Combat Week


Back in Germany after 3½ days in the Kingdom of Bahrain. During my time there, I managed to squeeze in back-to-back fight events and have a grand old time with Team Omer before, during and after his fight at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions.

Alan came into the fight very well-prepared, both physically and mentally, and fought a very intelligent fight against a multiple-time world champion and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt in Gesias Cavalcante. After two hotly contested rounds in which both fighters had their moments, Alan came through with a big right hand that saw “JZ” crashing to the canvas and from there he swarmed the Brazilian with a barrage of left hands from a standing gut-wrench position, forcing referee Marc Goddard to step in and stop the action.

It was arguably the biggest win in Alan’s twelve-year career against a well-known, extremely dangerous and experienced champion. With his third consecutive win against top-level competition, Alan reclaims his throne as the number one lightweight in both German-speaking Europe and the Middle East. Even more importantly, he continues to grow as a martial artist and has been displaying a great maturity in his fights, staying calm even in difficult situations and never letting up in his pursuit to finish his opponents.

This was made possible by the unselfish support of Alan’s coaches Alex and Franjo as well as his support team of Firat, Alex, Havraz and Daban. All of you have played an important part in Alan’s success and you can all be very proud of yourselves. Remember: Feel good, fight good!

The BRAVE Combat Federation event was fantastically organized overall and I would like to congratulate His Highness Khalid Bin Hamad and his team (Shahid, Yousef, Lucas, Soto, Valeria, Gabriela, Pam, Hassan Sohaib and Lloid) on their outstanding work and excellent execution. There were so many little details you paid attention to that people who have been in the fight game for a long time greatly appreciate.

On the next day, I had the pleasure to attend the Finals of the IMMAF – International Mixed Martial Arts Federation World Championships at Tom Madsen’s invitation. Besides getting to watch the champions of tomorrow compete, I got to catch up with my longtime friends André, Christer, Gerd, Jaakko, Janne, Joni, Kenan, Stanislav and Torsten. I also finally got to meet Bertrand, Gerhard, Michael, Mohammed, Wissam and Zahi and had some great conversations!

Joel and Julia – you might not have reached the top of the podium this time, but I have zero doubts both of you will have great careers and a lot of success in our sport. You can be very proud of your achievements!

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to see much of the country, but I did notice that its people are incredibly nice and kind. I hope to come back next year, hopefully with a little more time to explore. شكرا جزيلا لك ونراكم قريبا!


Brave 9: Official Weigh-In

A few shots from the Official Weigh-In for Brave 9, which took place at the Khalifa Sports City in Bahrain on Nov. 16.

Brave 9: Official Weigh-In



Today marks the one-year anniversary of the first and at the same time last European Fighting Challenge event. Although the promotion was far too short-lived, the Espoo event was critically acclaimed and the roster I started to build during my 11-month stint with the organization, was arguably the finest group of free agents assembled in European MMA history.

As EuroFC dissolved at the beginning of the year, I was of course at first disappointed to see my carefully curated group being scattered to the four winds, but looking at it now with a little distance, I’m very happy and proud to see what our athletes went on to achieve as almost all of those who did compete or were scheduled to compete for us managed to find a job with major organizations.

Of the total of forty-one athletes that were under contract with EuroFC, a total of twenty-three went on to compete for some of the biggest organizations in the world, including the UFC, Bellator MMA, ONE Championship, RIZIN Fighting Federation, Invicta Fighting Championships and many others.

I am particularly proud of Karl “Psycho” Amoussou and Fernando Santo Forte, who went on to win the championship at Cage Warriors and KSW respectively right after competing for us. Lucas Mineiro and Stuart Austin are scheduled to challenge for the Brave Combat Federation and EFC Worldwide titles later this year, while Mansour Barnaoui is among the final eight to win the ROAD FC $1 million tournament.

I believe we had a great combination of seasoned veterans and exciting young prospects and the success these young ladies and gentlemen are enjoying right now proves me right. To all ambitious promoters out there: If you are looking for a matchmaker, sporting director or talent scout – my services will be available again very soon and I’m looking forward to build another strong roster and put on some more exciting fights for the fans.


Alpha Female taking part in the GWF Women’s Wrestling Revolution all-female tournament on Sept. 2 in Berlin, Germany.

Alpha Female at GWF Women's Wrestling Revolution



Campania’s most beautiful island.




Five days in the capital of Campania.



ADCC European Championship 2017

A few snapshots from the ADCC European Championship 2017 in Poznań, Poland.

ADCC European Championship 2017

European Championship ADCC 2017
Poznań, Poland


1. Kuba Witkowski, Berserkers Team (Poland)
2. Kamil Wilk, Zenith BJJ (Poland)
3. Jyri Kakko, Polar Jiu Jitsu (Finland)

1. Oliver Taza, Tristar Gym (Lebanon)
2. Darragh O Conaill, East Coast Jiu Jitsu Academy (Ireland)
3. Pedro Bessa, Brasa JJ (UK)

1. Piotr Marcin Fręchowicz, Berserkers Team (Poland)
2. Daniel Skibiński, Ankos MMA (Poland)
3. Oskar Piechota, Zenith JJ (Poland)

1. Abdurakhman Bilarov, Team Abubakarova (Russia)
2. Mraz Avdoyan, Matrix-BJJ (Russia)
3. Riku Urholin, Porin Kamppailu-Urheilukeskus (Finland)

1. Ruslan Abdulaev, ARR (Russia)
2. Mukhammed Kerimoov, Team Abubakarova (Russia)
3. Saidkhasan Abubakirov, Berkut Jiu Jitsu (Russia)


1. Daniel Krakowiak, Grappling Club (Poland)
2. Robert Kurowiak, UNIA JJ (Poland)

1. Rafał Zawidzki, Rio Grappling Club (Poland)
2. Markku Mutanen, Barreto Helsinki (Finland)
3. Piotr Kaszta, Berserkers Team (Poland)

1. Piotr Bagiński, Berserkers Team (Poland)
2. Artur Krerowicz, Berserkers Team (Poland)
3. Sampo Kaskinen, MMA Lappeenranta (Finland)

1. Luke Taylor, Brasa JJ (UK)
2. Adam Bizoń, Saiente Gold Team (Polska)
3. Łukasz Guf, Berserkers Team (Poland)


1. Ffion Davies, East Coast Jiujitsu Academy (UK)
2. Vanessa English, Gracie Barra (UK)
3. Kethe Marie Elgesem Engen, Frontline Academy (Norway)

1. Samantha Cook, Checkmat (UK)
2. Sophia Nordenö, Hilti fightcenter / Barum jiujutsu (Sweden)
3. Venla Luukkonen, Jyväskylän Fight Club/Hilti Akademi Nord (Finland)


The Smashing Machine

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the greatest documentary about the sport of mixed martial arts, “The Smashing Machine”. It follows American powerhouse wrestler Mark Kerr during the first four years of his career. Kerr was arguably the greatest fighter to walk the face of the earth in 1997-98 and I often wonder how the history of MMA would have changed had he fought Royce Gracie at PRIDE 2…

If you haven’t watched this incredible movie yet, make sure to pick it up on Amazon: Smashing Machine – Ultimate Extreme Fighting (2 DVDs) [Special Edition]


Fighter – Der Film


Gestern Abend hatte ich das Vergnügen die Berlin-Premiere von Fighter zu besuchen. Ich hatte das Projekt über die vergangenen fünf Jahre mit wechselndem Ausmaß begleitet und jetzt war ich natürlich gespannt, was nach dieser langen Zeit dabei rausgekommen ist.

Nach 103 kurzweiligen Minuten verließ ich positiv überrascht das Kino. Nationale Reportagen über unseren Sport von Personen außerhalb der „Szene“ waren in der Vergangenheit überwiegend medialer Abfall, weshalb ich mir im Vorfeld eine gewisse Skepsis nicht verkneifen konnte.

Umso mehr hat es mich gefreut, dass es Regisseurin Susanne Binninger und ihrem Team sehr gut gelungen ist, unseren Sport realistisch abzubilden: Weder glorifizierend noch mit erhobenem Zeigefinger kann der Zuschauer in Fighter den Alltag dreier MMA-Kämpfer miterleben.

Das entbehrungsreiche Leben in der Vorbereitung, der Kampf mit Verletzungen und Formschwächen, die hässliche Fratze des Geschäfts mit den Kämpfen und den heftigen Schmerz einer Niederlage, aber auch den brüderlichen Zusammenhalt unter Teamkollegen, das „Warum“ die Jungs sich zu einem Leben als Kampfsportler entschieden haben, den Adrenalinrausch beim Einmarsch in die Halle und die Freude, wenn der Ringrichter am Ende des Kampfes den eigenen Arm in die Höhe hebt.

Der Film funktioniert auf vielen unterschiedlichen Ebenen und lebt vom Kontrast zwischen dem altgedienten Veteranen Andreas Kraniotakes, der schon viele große Schlachten hinter sich hat, für den MMA weitaus mehr ist als nur Kämpfen und der dem Projekt durch seine Art eine gewisse Größe und philosophische Tiefe verleihnt.

Bevor er zu schwer und zu getragen wird, sorgen die beiden Kumpels Khalid Taha und Lom-Ali Eskiev für die nötige befreiende Komik. Als Süßschnabel Eskiev zum Ende des Films sein heißersehntes Nutellbrot in sich hineinschob, brach das ganze Kino in lautes Gelächter aus.

Ich kann Fighter wirklich weiter empfehlen, sowohl Leuten aus unserer Branche, als auch Menschen, die mit MMA, Kampfsport oder auch Sport im allgemeinen nix am Hut haben. Der Film zeichnet drei tolle Charakterportraits und etabliert das MMA als harten, schonungslosen, den Kämpfern alles abverlangenden, aber am Ende auch durch das Wellenbad der Gefühle sehr lohnenswerten Sport.

Fighter läuft ab sofort in einem Dutzend deutscher Städte. Die genauen Termine und Kinos, die ihn spielen, findet ihr hier: http://www.realfictionfilme.de/filme/fighter/ – Geht rein!